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Model: LFV-8005
Anne Hathaway Get Smart White Leather Jacket This is another attractive celebrities white leather jacket that is specially for smart young girls wi..
Model: LFV-8001
Anne Hatheaway Smart Black Leather JacketThis is Anne Hatheaway's smart leather jacket who is renowned for her stylish outlook. This leather jacket ha..
Model: LFV-8004
Kristen Stewart 'Runaways' Joan Jett Jacket This is a Kristen Stewart runaway leather jacket, you can see in the image above. This stylish replica ..
Model: LFV-8003
Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen Arena Jacket This one is a replica jacket of the famous hollywood celebrity Katiness Everdeen. As she is famous for..
Model: LFV-8002
I Robot Will Smith Black Leather Jacket This is a stunning black i-robot leather jacket that has been manufactured by perfect stitching quality and..
Model: LFV - 99999
Introducing the New Born Again Daredevil Suit, crafted with precision and designed for ultimate comfort and flexibility. This stunning suit is made fr..
Model: DDS2-LFV-24
Unleash your inner hero with our premium Netflix Daredevil Season 2 costume, meticulously crafted from high-quality screen-printed 4-way stretch fabri..
Model: LFV-DP3W-2024
Transform into Deadpool's Tribute to Wolverine with our Custom Suit!Unleash your inner anti-hero with our exclusive Deadpool 3 Wolverine-inspired suit..
Model: LFV-2023-SL-SP
Star-Lord Costume Vol 3 Screen Printed SuitGet ready to elevate your love for Star-Lord's action-packed escapades in Guardians of the Galaxy with the ..
Model: LFV-2023-SL
Are you a die-hard fan of Star-Lord's epic adventures in Guardians of the Galaxy? Get ready to take your fandom to the next level with the latest cost..

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Looking for Movie replica costumes and film jackets online

Movie and Television Celebrities are responsible for bringing in innovative and fashionable costumes that have successfully inspired their fans. Their costume jackets are admired everywhere; you should have a look at the collection of fashion jackets available at; here you will find unique and latest leather clothing.


We all have our superheroes, each one of us has desired at some stage in our life to look just like our heroes, to be dressed up in the same outfits worn by our ideal, but usually, lack of money shatters our dreams apart. Leatherfashionvalley is going to help you realize your dreams; you will find your favorite and most wanted superhero jackets here at favorable discounted prices. Apart from superhero costume jackets, our collection of Halloween attires and our blog of Halloween costume ideas will not fail to impress you.

 Most of us find it quite hard to choose a perfect outfit for Halloween and other special occasions; has the answers to all such questions hovering over your mind.

Our amazing collection of leather & textile outfits includes Captain America Costumes, Deadpool Outfit, Superman Jackets, Doctor Strange Coat, Batman Jackets and pants, full suit , Evel Knievel costume, Watch Dog Jackets & coats and much more. Fashion Leather Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Western Leather Jackets, Slim fit Jackets, Motorcycle Gears and Star Trek Jackets count in the list of our best-sellers.

Movies and films inspire fans tremendously especially when it comes to looks.  Haircut, apparel, physique, etc are some of the ways through which fans try to replicate their favorite actors and heroes. There is a lot of craze among fans for movie costumes and outfits. Fans love to shop for different varieties of apparels from their favorite films like jackets, tees, coats and what not… These movie costumes come in two types, one is official licensed by the producers of that movie and the other is replica made by creative companies. Officially licensed ones do have the label but they can be very expensive. On the other hand, replicas can range from cheap to fair price. It generally depends upon the quality of the material and work done on the costumes. You can get a very cheap replica costume online with a general seller but the quality and detailing may be compromised. On the other hand, costume specialists like Leather Fashion Valley help you get high-quality movie and fashion apparels with a very high quality detailing at a decent price.


Large collection of Superhero Costumes

Leather Fashion Valley has a large collection of superhero costumes. The most important feature is that all these costumes are made very similar in terms of look and design. The fabric chosen is similar to that used in the movie to give the same look. Similarly, the detailing is also replicated with precision and intricacy to give the same look. You’ll be surprised by the quality of work and will be happier than ever. You can find a large collection of different superhero jackets and full suits/costumes like Captain America Full suits/costumes, Iron Man Jackets and suits, Superman costumes, Batman Costumes and Jackets. We also have costumes of stuntman like Evel Knievel.


Order custom cosplay costumes also

You can even order custom cosplay costumes and we would make it for you with the best precision and quality. These costumes may not be listed on our site but we are open to taking orders for almost any cosplay costume. You just need to provide us with the picture and we will do our best to make that costume for you. That’s why we are the one-stop shop for cosplayers. We have helped many cosplayers get their perfect costume. Reach out to us for all your costuming needs.


Celebrity and movie costumes/jackets

Apart from cosplay and superhero costumes, we also have a large collection of outfits from movies, celebrities and TV series. We have movie jackets like Blade Runner 2049 coat, Fast and Furious Vin Diesel Jacket, Bradley Cooper Jacket and many more. We also have jackets for females from celebrities and movies such as Anne Hathaway jacket and also awesome biker jackets for women. Some of the popular TV series outfits which we have are Walking Dead Jackets, Oliver queen Green Arrow Jackets, etc.


Why choose Leather Fashion Valley?

Leather Fashion Valley promises quality and accuracy of each product; we put our customers first. Your contentment will always be our foremost priority. We can assure you that you will have the most pleasant and memorable experience with us. We do not make or accept compromises when it comes to best quality products; you will not come across such perfection and finesse anywhere else. All our products are available at affordable prices. Leather Fashion Valley means to serve you in the best possible way.

Nobody pays attention to a person who is wearing dull and boring clothes. If you choose to wear something from our collection of fashionable Movie and TV replica clothes, you will be admired and appreciated for your apparel wherever you go. You will be noticed; our latest outfits will win you all the attention you have ever desired. You will become a source of attraction amongst all the others. Our products will add charm, style, and glamor to your personality.

The materials used in the production of these costumes are cowhide leather, synthetic leather, faux, textile fabric, suede leather, sheep leather, genuine leather, soft PU leather. The work of our artisans and designers has no match worldwide, if you wish to wear the best Movie and Tv replica clothes, you should buy your desired outfit from us.

Costume Guides are available for you on our website; these guides will help you make the best choice for yourself. You should always choose to wear elegantly fashionable outfits because outfits speak louder than words; your personality is defined by what you wear. If you are conscious about Fashion, you have come to the right place. Let us help you realize your most favorite dream. We welcome your valuable feedback.